Ways To Decide Between Competent Nursing And Assisted Living Care

Assisted living can be a difficult topic to discuss. Most people aren’t excited about moving to a new home, especially if they feel like they will no longer be in control over their own lives. While assisted senior living in Bloomfield Hills does get residents on a routine, new residents still have plenty of options available when it comes to their new home.

Decorating a room can be a great thing to look forward to. While some communities have rules in place to help keep all residents comfortable, many allow for customization of the rental space. This means that residents can paint and design their room how they see fit, making it truly reflect their personality.

Before residents start making major changes, review this quick guide to redecorating an assisted living condo or room.

Know the Community Rules

Before making any changes to the room, ask the staff for a written list of community rules to review. This will help residents decide what can be remodeled and what can’t. Follow the rules closely and discuss any plans with the staff in advance.

Think Bright and Cheery

Even the most sophisticated senior living facilities use neutral color schemes. A personal space should be a bright, hopeful place. Instead of choosing dark or brown color schemes, choose a brighter tone. While shades of yellow may be ideal, this color can get old fast. Most residents choose vibrant shades of green, sky blue, pastel pink, or other floral tones to add just the right amount of this post color to an otherwise dull space.

Decorate Each Room

Really make the space feel like home. If a anonymous person has a bathroom, add throw rugs, towels, and artwork to bring the room together. If there is a kitchen space, decorate it with curtains, seasonal placemats, and colorful utensils. The more each room is brightened, the more a person will feel at home.

Use Mirrors Wisely

Some assisted living spaces can feel small, especially if a person is moving from a whole house to a single room. Use large mirrors to help make the room feel larger and more welcoming. Small decorative mirrors can be a great choice in place of traditional wall art, adding a nice personal touch to the overall design of the room.

Utilize Space

Downsizing to a single room doesn’t mean a resident has to get rid of everything. Use all of the available space wisely to avoid having to toss favorite belongings. Add closet organizers and shelves to help take advantage of any vertical space. Hang sports equipment to the wall to save valuable clothing space in closets. If a resident needs help organizing their things, a staff member will be happy to lend a hand.

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